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DJ's Yogurt Stop

DJ's Yogurt Stop
DJ�s Yogurt Stop has a contemporary design with a warm and cozy atmosphere. The yogurt shop and staff creates a feeling of comfort and provides a leisurely environment for social gatherings with raven music. The concept of our yogurt shop is to provide an easy self service frozen yogurt to our customers that they will enjoy time after time. Our yogurt shop is a great place for a healthy delicious choice for a sweet dessert. We look forward to seeing you at our yogurt shop.

Don�t mistaken frozen yogurt as ice cream. Frozen yogurt is a dessert similar
to ice cream, but lower in fat. It is typically made with yogurt, but non-dairy
versions also exist. Frozen yogurt may be sweet or sour/tart and can
be made in nearly any flavor imaginable.

Monday - Sunday 11am - 10pm

2946 Providence Lakes Boulevard, Brandon, FL 33511
(813) 655-9808
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