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Molly Goodhead's Raw Bar and Seafood
"The Liver is Evil... It Must Be Punished!"

Welcome to Molly Goodheads

Our Restaurant is tucked away on Orange Street, just off Tampa Road/Hillsborough Avenue in a small waterfront hamlet dubbed Ozona.
Located on a quiet neighborhood road in a former boarding house thats
over 100 years of age, Molly Goodheads provides you with an
Old Key West style & is the highlight within it's small community!!!

Come enjoy Indoor & Outdoor Dining on our 3 tier front patio where you
can enjoy the Florida Sunshine over a dozen raw oysters & an ice cold
Cocktail while a tune by Jimmy Buffet plays out in the background!!!

Bring the whole family!

Celebrating 25 years in this great neighborhood!

400 Orange Street, Ozona, FL 34660
(727) 786-6255
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