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Urgent Care Counseling Services
"Expert Counseling Services at Prices you can Afford!"

Our Services Includes:

Crisis Counseling, Individual and Family Counseling, Substance Abuse Counseling, Depression, Anxiety, Marriage Counseling, Spiritual and Christian Counseling, Working with Special Needs Children, Autism, Mental Illness, Adolescent Adjustment Issues, Parenting and Parent Education Programs, Gender Identity Issues, and Groups.

Compassionate - Confidential - Convenient

At Urgent Care Counseling and Psychiatric Services, LLC you will encounter a professional staff that has years of experience assisting people with challenges. Our caring staff offers support when dealing with issues such as: mental health
problems, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, parenting struggles,
and marital difficulties. We acknowledge the trust your give
us by inviting us to help you overcome your challenges.

Our goal is that every individual and family seeking help will get
compassionate, confidential, and convenient care when you need it.

Urgent is our name because we understand that crisis and distress is rarely planned. We also understand that not all of our clients are seeking a new counselor or psychiatrist, but need help now! We would be glad to discuss arrangements for ongoing scheduled office visits and scheduled after hours appointments and, whe necessary
a 7 day a week.

Referrals provided as appropriate.

Ask about Our Psychiatric Medication Management.

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5824 State Road 54, New Port Richey, FL 34652
(727) 271-3872
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