Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is The USA Savings Club?

A: The USA Savings Club is a money saving program that can save your family hundreds of dollars by providing thousands of coupons and discounts at hundreds of participating local merchants and thousands of national merchants. Additionally, The USA Savings Club provides thousands of dollars in donations to local schools, churches, sports teams and charities!

Q: How much money can USA Savings Club save my family every month?

A: The USA Savings Club can save the average family $50.00 to $150.00 or more every month. The total value of all of our coupons and discounts combined exceeds $20,000.00.

Q: What is the cost of membership in The USA Savings Club?

A: There is NO COST to become a member. You receive your USA Savings Card FREE! You receive FREE access to our website. You can print out as many coupons you want for FREE.

Q: If everything is FREE, where does the money come from for the fundraiser's donation?

A: When you make a purchase at any of the participating businesses, a portion of the purchase price is deducted by the merchant and sent to USA Savings Club. We deduct our costs and forward the donation to your sponsoring fundraiser.

Q: Can you give me an example?

A: You go out for dinner at one of our great restaurants. The restaurant's discount is $5.00 OFF the purchase of Two Dinners. The check for the two dinners is $34.88. You receive $5.00 OFF the check and pay $29.88. The merchant pays $1.50 out of the $29.88 to USA Savings Club for the donation to the fundraiser and our program.

Q: How does The USA Savings Club help local schools, sports teams, religious, charitable and other non-profit organizations?

A: Fundraisers give all their members FREE USA Savings Cards. When members buy a product or service at participating merchants, a portion of the purchase price is donated to the fundraiser. Fundraisers can raise hundreds to thousands of dollars to fund their worthwhile projects with the USA Savings Club program.CLICK HERE for info on our Fundraising Program.

Q: How soon can I use my card to save money?

A: Immediately! Go to our website and register your card, then go to the web page of your favorite merchants and start saving money TODAY! When you see a USA Savings Club decal on the window or door of a local merchant that merchant will give you a discount and will donate to your fundraising organization.

Q: Are there restriction or conditions on the coupons?

A: Yes, some coupons have restrictions. Merchants realize that reasonable restrictions work best. It is important that you carefully read the coupons before you redeem them. You can print and use your favorite coupons. You can even re-print the coupons to enjoy additional savings. The merchants will honor them every time. You can use only one coupon per day.


The merchants extend these special offers to you as a way of creating goodwill and introducing their products or services. Please use the discounts in the spirit that they are offered. Don't expect the merchants to substitute, exceed or extend the terms of their offers or to reduce already discounted sale merchandise.

Q: What is the expiration date on the coupons?

A: Each coupon is valid for 14 days after printing.

Q: Why do the merchants offer these coupons and discounts?

A: The merchants are promoting their products to you. The best way to do that is to offer a discount or coupon to get you into their store and buy their products.

The cost of advertising averages 15% to 20% of the retail price of their products. Because we do not charge the merchants to advertise in our program, they can use the money they save on advertising for the discounts for our members and the donations for our fundraisers. Each merchant has agreed to provide a great discount and in return, we provide FREE advertising to them.

Q: Why do some merchants have a card discount and no coupons and other merchants have coupons but no card discount?

A: Each merchant chooses how they will reward you for shopping at their store. In some cases, your card will not be swiped because the merchant chooses not to have a card reader. All procedures on redeeming the coupons or card discounts will be posted on the coupon or on the merchant's web page.

Q: How does the merchant decide the discount amount and the amount donated to the fundraiser?

A: The merchant decides on the total amount they can afford to promote their products or services to our members. That amount is separated into the discount for the member, the donation for the fundraiser and the costs of the USA Savings Club program.

Q: I am having trouble printing my coupon. What should I do?

A: Make sure you do not have the pop-up blocker enabled on your computer. Our print technology utilizes a pop-up window, and a pop-up blocker will restrict your ability to print your coupon. Make sure your printer is on, and plugged into your computer and an electrical outlet. Make sure your printer is online. Make sure there is paper and check to be sure it is not jammed. Check your printer cartridge, ribbon or toner. Call us, if you still have trouble.